Gang gi Makan ;D

Gang gi Makan ;D
2 idiots missing D:

Lame ppl for life !

Lame ppl for life !
<3 ya xD

No Gabby ~ sadly xD

April 10, 2010

Do guys suffer from PMS? xD or shall i say mood swing LOL! xD

April 8, 2010

All ya need is 3 weeks in college and you'll have a bunch of lovely...LOVELY idiots to play with <3 xD

here's Brandon LIM the poser ~ yes ~ he's chinese xD
Natalie Hew my momma ~ dun ask how it happen ~ i just call her that <3 xD
My beloved idiots <3><
Stupid faces <3
and the 1 in the hoodie(grey) is SHERMANE! xD my daughter who owes me lolipop xD
thats all for now ~ weee ~ College rocks!..for now ><

April 4, 2010

I am a F%^& @ss Hole zzzzz

Lost it so easily ..F%^!!!!

Who am I?
A truly meaningful question.
A common question asked by many..from the very beginning when earth was created..
till to this very day.

I kinda forgotten all about it..
but thank you Lord for reminding me through my friends in facebook :)

Peace! xD

April 2, 2010

I'm a freaking pest am I?
Blah ~ screw tat ~

After a great day has passed ..
Everything now is back to normal.Boring -.-'
I seriously have nothing to do ~_~ other than maths.

Btw , ya know how it actually sucks to have nothing to do.
I mean..we can spend the whole day on facebook , msn , skype , twitter , blogs ~
But u can't even spend a bit time (ok..maybe not ABIT) to go out for a movie with frens.

u need to be filled with more LIFE! MOREEE I MEAN!! D:<

ok.u can kill me now :D

April 1, 2010

DAMM zzz ~ I crashed my car...FOR THE 1st TIME zzzz
Stupid Myvi noob bugger dono how to drive ~_~
Dah la ugly ~ wan wear so sexy ~ drive also like crap zzz NOOB LA!

March 30, 2010

Ya know how they say that sometimes..even getting something off your chest can make ya feel better.
Even if it might result in a horrible disaster?
Its actually NOT so true LOL

But yes ~ it does make u feel a bit at ease.
just a little...

Anyway ~ back to life ~
College is doing great ~ Finally I have homework :D (never been happier)
yes ~ i have a freaking essay to do ! and damm..there's maths too =.=
the bloody freaking MATHS is ADD MATHS standard! and I'm in foundation in ARTS for crying out loud! =.='
but a fact to accept..Add maths will come to hunt u down just when u thought its gone for good =.=
so yea..better brush up on it soon ~_~

Got to make some frens ~ same people from last week ~ but at least got a buddy to hang out with now :)
Gabrial ~ or GAYbrial is a pretty neat guy ~
Brandon is on the same lvl as me ~ IQ-less ~
and yes ~ Natalie is WAY above us =.= ~ scary in a way.but nice person.
many more..that i need to get to know better ~ like khai yee ~
but we'll just see how it goes ~ who knows we might be in different groups in week 4 =.= that'll suck bad LOL

tata's for now ~ peace out ;)

March 28, 2010

suffering from insomnia..
kthxbye ==

March 27, 2010

I just realise..
Ever girl is like ur mom =.= LOL!
its just tat ur mom doesn't show u her "childish and cute" side ~ While ur female fren does...
So once ur female fren gets tired of u ~ or when their having PMS ~
Yep ~ you get another mommy ;D which sucks Dx


anyway ~ the past few days was KINDA fun ~
3rd day of college was pretty enjoyable actually ;D probly cause the teacher was "YOUNG" and sporting xD
Study skills :) a class that i'll comfirm never miss LOL! for now xD
Anyway ~ on that Weds itself ~ went to cheras for lepaking :P leisure mall ~ lol
I take back what i said ... The spring IS! bigger than leisure a tiny bit xD LOL
went to watch 72 tenants of prosperity ~ stupid yet meaningful show xD
go catch it if you haven't :)

then went to Abi's dad's shop for "lunch".
It was 3 something if i'm not mistaken :P
Not bad la the food xD at least ada rasa and cheap xD
oh ~ its western btw :)
Talk abit here and there ~ then went off back homeee ~
weee ~ end of the day ~

Thurs pulak went setapak for badminton ~
went dinner with natt and chan ~
end back to home sweet home xD
and this is getting boring =.=

and can someone tell me how to cure INSOMNIA...cause I think i have it zzzz

anyway..peace out ~ time to go jump around until i'm tired and sleepy xD bb ~ LOL